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Florida allows business owners to make the decisions that enable growth and prosperity.

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Yes, it is different in Florida. With an attractive regulatory climate, favorable tax policies, top-ranked talent and unparalleled quality of life, Florida is the nation’s premier business destination. We kept our doors open to opportunity and growth, and they will remain open for you.

Find out how Enterprise Florida can help your business.

About Enterprise Florida

Learn how Enterprise Florida is advancing the forefront of economic development in Florida. Known for its diverse workforce, pro-business climate, gateways to global markets and world-class infrastructure, anything is possible here.

Why Florida

With competitive costs and unparalleled quality of life, Florida is one of the most business-friendly environments in the country.

Florida’s Major Industries

Learn about our nine key sectors – aviation & aerospace; cleantech; defense and homeland security; financial & professional services; headquarters; information technology; life sciences; logistics and distribution; and manufacturing.